For Your Emmy Consideration: Tower Prep

The Children’s Program category in the Primetime Emmys has been filled and won by harmless Nickelodeon and Disney Channel comedies the last two years. And before that, regularly (and deservedly so) won by Linda Ellerbee’s Nick News specials.

But this year, there’s something different in the mix of comedies and musical movies. Cartoon Network presented their first two original live-action series in Unnatural History and Tower Prep, both of which a breath of fresh air in what has become a field of fluff. Continue reading

Review: MTV’s Teen Wolf is Promising and Fun and Definitely a Welcome Change from Network

MTV’s reimagined Teen Wolf is a welcome arrival from a network that in recent years has been better known for its reality and/or faux-reality docuseries than for scripted programs or God-forbid, actual music.

But aside from not-being The Jersey Beach Teen Mom Challenge – The Duel,Teen Wolf has a lot of positive things going for it and should ultimately be a fun ride if they can keep up the quality of the pilot.

Teen Wolf follows Scott McCall, a high-school Continue reading