Power Rangers RPM – 3: Rain

Scott, Summer, and Flynn are showing Dillon around “The Garage,” their headquarters. Dr. K comes on over the speakers and answers Dillon’s “Where did this all come from?” question by explaining how he had been working on exoskeletal robotic suits that amplified human strength and speed.

During development, they discovered a universal bioelectric field, an unseen energy grid that connects the life force of all living things. Being able to manipulate this field brought about unimaginable advancement in technology, including… the Ranger Prototype Series Covert Infantry Biosuits.

“Right,” Dillon says, “because nothing says covert like bright red, yellow, and blue spandex.”
“THAT IS NOT SPANDEX!” Dr. K yells back. He goes on to explain the material is a self-assembling nano-fiber formed with an Continue reading

Battlestar Galactica 4×21: Daybreak, Part 1

We are near the end of the journey for television’s best hour of television.  Battlestar Galactica, which has been one hell of a frakkin ride these last few years…

Well, I’ll save the reflection for next week.
This week, we got the first of the three hour series finale.  And while it may not have been the hour many expected or even wanted, it was a beautiful set-up for next week’s sure to be explosive, emotional, gripping send off.

For this recap, I thought I’d post my stream of conciousness-y recap that I was clumsily typing during the episode. With a show like BSG, writing a recap without missing the details would be like writing a paper for me without the benefit of multiple viewings first.

But overall for this episode, while we didn’t get things blowing up in space (or on Caprica as it turned out), we got some Lost-style flashbacks to life before the fall of the colonies.  It was a pleasant surprise seeing our favorite characters in life back on solid ground.  It was backstory that while not completely important to have had sprinkled throughout the series, gives us a nice perspective now as we head into the final two hours.  We’ve gotten to see these characters from so many different angles that anything more now is just icing on the cake.

Beautiful… that seems to be the perfect word to describe the scenes on Caprica.  Not just because they served a great contrast to the dull, muted colors of Galactica and the other ships, but also because we saw our characters having fun, enjoying life, or just dealing with life as the case may be, but dealing with things other than needing the right coordinates to jump or finding Earth or trying to stay alive against Centurions. Continue reading

Friday Night Lights 3×09: Game of the Week

So, I haven’t written about Friday Night Lights since TVGuide.com turned upside down, so a ton of stuff’s happened on the show.  We’ve said goodbye to Smash and Jason Street, Tyra and Landry broke up… again, Tim and Lyla have gotten back together, Matt and Julie have gotten back together (and then some), we have a new QB1, the boosters annoy more than ever (Jumbotron!), and Dillon High probably has the best principal evah.

Out of Dillon, EW’s Michael Ausiello is reporting NBC and DirecTV are in active negotiations for TWO more seasons of the show, which is great news, but also brings up the question of “How?” in terms of story, I mean.  All the youngins will be off to college and they haven’t established “the next generation” aside from J.D. McCoy and Jeremy Sumpter is no Zach Gilford (no offense).  Of course, we could be introduced to a whole new group of kids, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

How about this week’s episode? Continue reading