DryedMangoez.com Launches!

Some exciting news!
A few weeks ago marked the launch of DryedMangoez.com with The Amazing Race recaps being the centerpiece of the new site. Now the site is ready to expand with the new DryedMangoez.com, the new homepage for all-things Amazing Race as well as the return of TV is Just as Delicious as DryedMangoez blog, formerly part of TVGuide.com.

With the launch of the new site, you can now easily access this same site for all things Amazing Race by logging on to
This site will also still be accessible through the homepage and be sure to check out the other recaps and news as well!  Thank you so much for visiting and hopefully come back soon to experience a bigger, better DryedMangoez.com!

Things to Look Forward To


Some things to look forward to, recaps/commentary and news on

  • Power Rangers: RPM
  • Supernatural
  • Battlestar Galactica: The Final Episodes
  • Kyle XY: The Final Episodes
  • The Office

As well as possibly updates on Philippine dramas such as May Bukas Pa, Pieta, Tayong Dalawa and Korean drama Boys Over Flowers.

And The Amazing Race will continue to be the centerpiece of the new DryedMangoez.com.

Enjoy!  And stay tuned!

Power Rangers: Still Fighting After 16 Years (But Maybe Not For Long)

I grew up with Power Rangers.  I remember waiting hours at the local Toys R Us just to see them (or really, costumed Toys R Us employees).  After a while though, I slowly forgot the series and surprised myself in 2002 when I found out they were still churning out seasons and very successfully at that.  Since then, I\’ve rediscovered the show and have been a (mostly) faithful viewer (and fan depending on the season).

Power Rangers is a fun ride, not just as a kids show, but as a show that takes me back to simpler times.  (Don\’t we all wish that?)  And after seven years of Disney control, it seems as if this year will mark its last. Continue reading